PetGuard Security Tags


Yellowtag PetGuard Pet Tags are an ideal extra added protection to getting your pet microchipped. Most vets and animal shelters have microchip readers but as a pet owner do you want to rely on someone taking the time to take your pet to a vet? Our Pet Tags make it easy for a finder to report the find, everyone has a mobile phone these days and it takes just seconds to contact an owner via the Yellowtag telefind service. Yellowtag reward the finder with a product reward worth at least £15.00. **When placing an order please indicate the size of tag you require! Large tags are suitable for most dogs and small tags are suitable for cats and small breeds of dog.**

Each tag comes with a year’s subscription which starts when activated and can be renewed annually at half the current online price.

Did you know?

  • Over 2,500 dogs and 3,200 cats go missing every week in the UK.
  • In 2005 over 26,000 pet insurance claims were made for missing dogs.
  • Pet industry advice is to fit your pet with a collar and ID tag in addition to getting your pet microchipped.



Success Stories

    I had a call from Dad in the UK to say my passport was found...
    --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

    Mobile phone
    I lost my mobile phone and it was found at Great Hadham...
    --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

    Pet - Dog
    Many, many thanks Yellowtag, we were with friends in Suss...
    --Jackie & Andy (Manchester)

    Confirming safe return of lost my camera. Impressed with...
    --Michael Sexton (Middlesex)