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Lost An Item?

In order to retrieve a lost item you must have already activated your tag.

If the item was Yellowtagged and activated and you have lost it, you will receive a message from as soon as the finder notifies us (within a few minutes).

You can view your account here and read the summary of email messages sent to your portfolio.


Please bear in mind that our system will attempt to contact you on the phone number or email address we have on our system. Please ensure your account is updated.

Also if your Yellowtag has expired or was not correctly activated you will not receive the messages. Please contact us if you think that might be the case.

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Success Stories

    I had a call from Dad in the UK to say my passport was found...
    --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

    Mobile phone
    I lost my mobile phone and it was found at Great Hadham...
    --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

    Pet - Dog
    Many, many thanks Yellowtag, we were with friends in Suss...
    --Jackie & Andy (Manchester)

    Confirming safe return of lost my camera. Impressed with...
    --Michael Sexton (Middlesex)

Yellowtag - [PageTitle]