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I've tried to test the Yellowtag system by reporting one of my tags as lost and I did not receive the phone call or email, why not?

When registering with Yellowtag you provided an email address and phone number and possibly provided a partner's details too. If you are using one of these phone numbers or email addresses to carry out the test our system identifies it as a test. To test the system please report the found tag using an email address or phone number that is not registered to you on our system.

Another possible reason for not getting the message would be if you have changed your email address and phone number since registering with us. If this is the case you can login to your account and update your personal details.

I have received an email from Worldpay that my credit card has been debited in relation to a Yellowtag subscription; can you tell me what it relates to?

The payment probably relates to a Futurepay agreement you signed up to in a previous year. If you do not know what tag(s) it relates to please contact our support team who will be happy to help. If you no longer use the tag and want to cancel the agreement you can do this yourself via your Worldpay account. If you cannot access your Worldpay account for any reason please email the support team with the agreement ID and they will cancel the agreement on your behalf.

I am trying to activate my PassportGuard but cannot see the 3 letter keycode, where is it?

The 3 letter keycode is at the bottom of the sticker, to the right of the barcode. If you have already attached the sticker to the passport, the keycode would have formed part of the backing paper. If this is the case please email support team with the 8 digit tag ID and they will reply with the keycode.

I have forgotten my Worldpay account password and cannot update the credit / debit card details they hold for me, can you help?

For security reasons Yellowtag are unable to access your Worldpay password. We do however have a 'reset password' button on our merchant login that will send an automated email to you with instructions on how to access your Worldpay account. If you would like us to do this please email support team with your Worldpay or Futurepay ID.

I have found a Yellowtagged item and called the telephone number but the automated message states that it does not recognise the tag ID number, why?

If you have entered the number correctly as it appears on the tag but still get this message, it means the tag was not activated by the owner. In a minority of cases an owner will attach the tag and forget to activate it. In such cases we advise that you hand the item in to the local police in the event the owner may contact them.

I am upgrading my mobile phone and the old phone has an AssetGuard sticker on it. Is it possible to obtain a replacement sticker with the same tag ID?

Unfortunately we are unable to reprint AssetGuard stickers. New AssetGuard stickers can be purchased from our online shop.

When renewing my tag(s) your system states the renewal period as 12 months but when I renew the amount charged equates to only 11 months, why is this?

Customers are first reminded to renew a tag 30 days prior to expiry. All renewals are for 12 months from the renewal date and the system charges a proportion of the annual fee where life remains on a tag.

I have received an email from Worldpay advising that my credit card has been debited for a Yellowtag renewal. Why was I charged when I deleted the tags from my Yellowtag account?

Deleting a tag from your Yellowtag account does not automatically delete / adjust any associated Futurepay agreement. If the agreement relates to just one tag you will need to login to your Worldpay account and cancel the agreement. If the agreement relates to multiple tags and the other tags are still active email us and we will reduce your agreement amount to reflect the tags used.

How do I know my Yellowtag is correctly activated?

When activated a tag will show in your Yellowtag account along with the expiry date.

I cannot login to my account, can you help?

Please ensure you are correctly typing the email address and password. If you cannot remember the password visit and the password will be emailed to you. If you are still having problems email us with the following information:

  • Any error message you are getting
  • Your operating system (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux etc.)
  • Your browser and version (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 etc)

Why do all my AssetGuard stickers have the same ID number on them?

Some Yellowtag sets can have many labels with a common email address or ID number printed on them. You only need to activate the set once for protecting multiple items. Once activated just peel the stickers and apply to belongings.

I've lost an item and cannot access my mobile phone or email address to see if it has been reported, can you help?

A copy of your incoming messages are stored forever in your Yellowtag account. Access your account here. Your account also allows you to select a partner's details which we will use to notify of a find in the event we cannot reach you on the main contact details.

I've lost a Yellowtagged item but not had any messages, what should I do?

Let us know! You are normally notified automatically by our system. However if your Yellowtag has expired or was not activated correctly you will not receive messages. Please contact us if you think this might be the case with details of the item lost and we will get in touch when the item is reported.

How much does it cost to renew a Yellowtag?

All Yellowtag products are pre-paid and include subscription to the service for a set period (usually 12 months). At the end of the subscription period a renewal is offered at 50% of the published new online price. Please note that if the tags were purchased as a pack the renewal price is still 50% of the individual new price and not 50% of the pack price. This ensures that you are only charged for the tags you decide to continue to use.

Is my information kept secure and private?

Your personal account information is stored on a secure server. This information is accessible only by you using your password. Any purchases you make from Yellowtag are transacted by a seperate secure banking server using sophisticated encryption technology. We do not store your credit / debit card details on our server.

We ask that you provide the absolute minimum personal information required to operate the service efficiently. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Read our privacy policy for more information.

If your question has not been answered here please contact us.

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